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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Walk in our Woods~

Salmonberry Lane
It's May!  One of the two months of the year that I think are the most beautiful here in Western, WA!  The greens are so intense & the foliage so lush that I can almost spend my days drifting away inhaling the negative ions!  Since I'm going to be working on the farm the end of this month, I've been trying to get all the Spring "stuff" done!  Moving my geraniums out of the greenhouse & into pots around the house & yard.  Planted zucchini & summer squash in the garden.  Just a couple plants of each - but it should be plenty for the two of us.

With the beating that the Woods took this last Winter, we still have one very large limb out of the biggest of our Big Leaf Maples to chain saw up & figure out what to do with.  I try to find places even for the trees & downfall that ends up on the ground & usually on my paths!  It's a long way to haul it down to the yard & takes forever to use our small wood chipper - plus the noise...
Creek at West Woods
 I've found that the very best thing to do on these lovely days - is just to enjoy them!  I take that extra bit of time to walk, listen to the birds, admire the fresh green of the new ferns & the tinkling sound of the creek...  Time to be thankful for being alive!

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