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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dogged Determination~

Meridian Saddle #729
This is the saddle that I've ridden endurance in for the last few hundred miles.  With mine out to sell, I borrowed this one from my amigo Dean, who wants me riding Khari in a secure seat.  As I've mentioned before, with me, it's all about staying on top.  Khari is quick & fast - it was a year ago March when I was thrown Post~  (I'd been riding in my Bighorn saddle with a shallow seat.)  After that, I went back to the Meridian & feeling safe.  You may ride & ride, come of once, come off twice, but sooner or later - if you like to ride fast, you come off & get hurt.  I've managed expert status at that - I don't brag about it...

These saddles aren't seen often anymore.  Built to last, with the nice deep seat.  Easy to rope & tie, they did the job & kept on doing it.  For me though - using it for endurance - was a struggle.  35 lbs. doesn't sound like much - until you try hoisting it up onto the back of a 15.2H mare!  At just an inch over five feet, with a short upper body etc., the horn, though low profile, was always in my way.  I broke many a fingernail on it when Khari would give those short, quick spooks that Arabs are infamous for :-) 

On the plus side, this saddle has saved my hide more than once!  Dropping into those deep, silty pools of water a few weeks ago - I used one hand & did a slight balance on the horn to keep me steady.  Another time - when Khari slipped in mud & was going down sideways - I was going into a large tree just a foot off her shoulder.  Since I stay so well put - she was able to do what she does so well - RECOVER!  Much easier for a horse when the rider isn't flopping around or coming off.

I've had my saddle - built off this design - returned from where I had it for sale & have tried it once on Farah - who's back is a little wider than Khari's.  When I pulled it off, she had dry spots on her shoulders.  Today - I remembered the custom shims I had made for it & will try those next.  Hopeful that will work - because otherwise - it's darn hard to find a saddle with a seat like this.  One that fits the horse & is light enough for me to handle.  Besides, by the time Farah is really fit - in a year or two - her back will have probably changed again & I might not need the shims!  :-)

Looking forward to more miles & sure enjoyed being back in my nice seat.


  1. There is nothing like riding in a saddle that fits you, it can make such a difference in how you are able to respond to your horse.

    I have only ridden in my new western saddle a handful of times, I just keep going back to my Specialized because I feel really secure in it.

    I like the looks of the Meridian.

  2. You've hit the nail on the head! I sure liked the "look" of your western saddle though~


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