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Monday, June 4, 2012

Farah Funnies :-)

Gold Creek Ride
Yesterday, drove down to Woodinville to try out a friends saddle.  Ann was kind enough to take me on a really super ride that included steep ups, steep downs & with a destination at a very nice facility with a nice sized arena!  The saddle seemed to fit Farah's back, but there were several things that I would have to change for my personal taste & to get wither clearance.  We were both surprised though - when I removed it - that Farah had the same two dry spots at the wither that she'd had when I used my saddle on her!  

This saddle has a "flex-core" & is supposed to fit any horse, which Ann said that it always had until yesterday.  Farah's back is not unusual in any way - a pretty standard horse back - but she certainly needed more wither clearance from the pommel. I didn't like the balanced placement, or seat, which seemed to let me move too far back.  My legs were nowhere near the Rider's Groove, at the narrowest point of the horses barrel, but further back - where the barrel widens.

 This saddle had installed bucking-rolls, installed to help on the steep downhills.  I could see where that had been a big improvement.  Ann's horse is an incredible big moving guy.  Otherwise, you'd feel as though you'd tip right off the front.

Now, for the Funnies :-)  I'd parked along a grassy strip in front of the barn.  Farah was loaded & I was saying good-by when Ann looked down & realized that I had a flat tire on the trailer!  Much better there, parked - than on the highway!  Her husband graciously left his Sunday project & changed out the tire - what a guy!  We'd unloaded Farah, she was tied to a post.  The next time we looked, she was loose & having a wonderful roll!   So - Ann tied her again, this time with a double knot!  A few more minutes went by - something caught our attention & Farah was loose again & happily grazing next to my friends mare - still standing tiedFarah had lifted the entire loop of the lead rope off the top of the post!  OK ...  time to admit that this is a SMART girl!  :-)   Yes she does tie, but I'll now have to add, until she unties herself :-) 

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  1. Thanks for the giggle--is Farah's middle name "Houdini"???


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