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Friday, June 29, 2012

"Two-fer" Day!

Friday was a busy day!  I loaded Farah & headed to Snohomish for our appointment at Fire Run Farm.   We had attended a presentation there by Eitan Beth-Halacmy known as the father of Cowboy Dressage.  This farm is one of a handful that practice & teach the methods of Light Hands Horsemanship.

I have to admit to being almost as nervous as I was at the start of my first endurance ride!  Never much of a fan of arena riding or formal lessons, what formal training I do  have (besides many miles in the saddle) has come from the skilled coaching of my friend & mentor Dean Essex, DVM.   

Arriving at Fire Run - I parked alongside the Peacock enclosure, then headed over to the arena to check-in.  Tara met me at the door with a welcome smile & warm handshake - then introduced me to Teri Rumens, owner of the farm.   Tara pointed out the saddling area & where to bring Farah in.  I declined her offer of help with tack & decided to saddle Farah by the trailer as usual.  I unloaded her & just as I was opening the tack room door on the trailer - we both jumped as one of the Peacocks let out a Very Loud "Yell"?  To our credit, we both kept our cool :-)

Farah walked in like she'd been there 1,000 times before.  I  backed her into the saddling area & she stood quietly while we discussed her prior training & my goals for her & myself.  Next we were invited to warm-up in the very large, beautiful arena.  Farah put on her game face, we made the circuit of the arena & even went down the ramp & into the round-pen that sits below the level of the arena.  

In a very friendly way, Teri started commenting on Farah, her incredible movement, willingness to please, the way she's bonded with me & how we looked as a team.  Her coaching started so smoothly that it very easy to understand & comply.  Especially since Farah would immediately adjust & respond to what I was asking of her.   Our first lesson was a huge success!   We were introduced to family & friends who came by & made to feel at home!  Teri & Tara gave me ideas to work on at home!  I felt motivated & encouraged - what more can you ask from a trainer?

I left the farm & headed back into Snohomish with just enough time to pick up a burger before my friend was there to lead me the back way to Lord Hill. 
Farah, saddled & ready~
 We saddled up & were on the trails by 1 p.m. riding for over three hours!  Lynn was determined to show me that the park was bigger than I thought!  We had a trotting contest on the way back, with her wonderful mare setting a blistering pace!  Fun for us, fun for the mares!   We headed home tired - no better way to spend a day!  I'm definitely looking forward to our next lesson!  Now to start practicing!

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  1. That sounds like a great trainig opportunity, there is always so much to learn with horses I think a person could devote a whole life to it and still discover new ideas.

    The perfect day!


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