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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lord Hill Ride~

Lord Hill GPS
Lord Hill Regional Park - I hadn't ridden there in years!  Since the day - Liz - you will remember the day - when you, Butch & I went riding.  Don't want to even think about how many years that's been.  Strange too, since it's just a 20-mile drive from home!  With the downed tree, we didn't get to make the loop that my friends, more familiar with the park had planned.  Nonetheless - we did cover a few miles.  It was wet, slippery in places - but over all, not a bad place at all to inhale the smells of a really nice summer day.  When we split up to take different approaches to the outlook - the other two of our party saw two beautiful doe's! 
Looking out~
After talking to Liz yesterday, I hesitated in correcting Farah for her jump over the small ditch with running water...  It was a smoother jump than usual - but she had less distance to cover!  :-)  Cato - the man - walked right across like a gentleman - but Farah refused to follow his lead.   We did enjoy some side-by-side walking without incident & Farah has really improved when following other horses.  Now... it's time for her very overdue bath!

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