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Friday, June 15, 2012

Back in my Saddle Again! Or - the Joy of a Perfect Sweat Pattern!

Nine miles +
It was one of those perfect days that have been all to rare so far this year.  Sunshine, 70 degrees, light breeze.  So nice to have Farah home, also fun to have a mare that actually enjoys being groomed!  Then - of course, there's the lack of gray - how I'm liking that!  

Decided to forgo any shims & go back to what had worked for so very long with Khari.  My Supracore pad & my saddle.  The fit looked good!   I tried to find a problem where I couldn't see any, checked & double checked where the saddle was sitting & where the cinch sat.
Friends arrived & we headed out - how nice to again be able to ride the trails after a long wet winter of riding only the roads.
Photo by Aarene~
 We did a couple good hill climbs, Farah again - stopped for a minute or two about mid-way up, took a deep breath & moved on out.  She's only been out a hand-full of times in the past weeks, but that will change :-)
My saddle~
Art shod Farah yesterday, the first time ever he has done a re-set on one of my horses :-)  (That tells you that I've been busy.)  We made a couple small changes, a slight roll on the toe & larger shoe on the rear with a little more steel under the heel to slow the hind down.  Today she was moving with a very long stride, her best yet.  My surprise came at the end of the ride, when I pulled the saddle & found an EVEN sweat pattern!   Yippee!  So glad that it didn't sell!


  1. 1. I LOVE my supracor too. Best tack investment I ever made.

    2. What's that saddle? Annie George? Steele? I'm envious of that high cantle. Looks like she'd have to turn upside down and shake to get you out of it. :)

    Glad you had a great ride!

  2. Thanks Ruth! Good to hear from you! I keep going back to the Supracore. Was very unhappy with the Western cover that came with the two inserts though. It's worn through on the bottom - so thinking of having a Wool pad made for the inserts. The Saddle is from Meridian Saddle Shop in Meridian, ID. The current saddle maker/owner is - Mike Bernhart. The shop has been making quality, using saddles since 1910. You are exactly right - it gives you the ability to handle your horse in a "situation" rather than worry about staying topside. :-)

    Also, when your horse might be going "down" - you stay in position - so the horse can recover without you flopping around like a fish out of water. I do a lot of "preaching" about this topic - few listen.


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