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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Riding in the Rain~

Farah enjoys the smorgasbord!

I actually did try to find someone to ride with - without success.  In retrospect, so glad I didn't!  This ride was all about Farah.  Decided to let her do what she wanted to do & see what it got me.  What I got - was the most fun I've had in forever!  We left the parking area at a trot!  Yes, usually I let a horse warm-up, but she'd been out all morning & wanted to go!  Part of the "deal" I made with her.  What a trot it was!   Over 14 mph  - fast, straight, consistent for just over 2-miles!   She slowed to her walk for a mile or so, then we trotted right up the first two hills - where she took another breather & ate grass while I took pictures :-)  Again we headed up - nice collected trot to the top.  Loose rein with contact the entire way.

It was no surprise to find that the view east was totally socked in.  We headed over to the west side & were rewarded by breaking cloud cover that revealed a soaked landscape.
West from the Monument
Was someone coming?  Not likely!
 After a short break, with heavy clouds moving in quickly from the south, I decided to start back.  Once over the top of the ridge & onto the east side, the sky lightened.  I could have spent the day watching natures show...  instead I pulled out my new waterproof smartphone & tried out it's video to capture this~

On the way back, as we headed up, Farah dropped her head, lifted her back, dropped her rear & moved into a gallop with one of the smoothest transitions I've ever ridden!  We started flying!  Again - straight, true, not even the glimmer of a spook!   Up to 18 mph by the time we reached the summit.  Yippee!  Deep breath & on we went!  All this & only the start of what is her first real year of conditioning!


  1. That view is well worth the soaking. Wow.

  2. Aren't those solo rides the best some times! Looks like some fun to me, even in the rain.

  3. This just put a huge grin on my face :) One of the best rainy rides I've heard about!

  4. This put a huge smile on my face :) One of the best rainy rides I've read about.

  5. Thanks Jamethiel! Mine too. :-)


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