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Monday, June 25, 2012

Darrington Timberbowl Rodeo!

A Yee Haw moment!
We decided to go "overland" from the Big Lake area, to Darrington.  Using the smartphone's navigation, we found the roads, but arrived after the start of the Rodeo.  Just in time for the Saddle Bronc riding! 
Barrel Racing!
Next, one of my personal favorites - the Barrel Racing!  Really fast times turned in by some really excellent riders & fit horses!  
Running for the wire!
 This rodeo boasts some events not commonly seen, one of which is the Girls Cow Riding.  In case you think it's easy - think again!  
These girls took some hard falls!
 Our friend Steve participated in the Gentleman's Cow Milking - really a sport for the toughest guy standing!  He holds the top title several years running - but this year it was not to be...
Manhandling a very Wild cow!
Finally, there was the Bull Riding.  None of the riders made it much past the gate, the bulls won that round - so I didn't get any photos.  But afterward, we got to tour the Bull pens & I did get a picture of the biggest set of horns ever!
Part Brahma & part Long Horn
 Roy, owner of C & C Rodeo's, was the stock contractor for the event.  At 86-years young, he was riding all day, climbing over the stock enclosures whenever there was a need, riding, roping & generally being everywhere!  His horse was trained to a "T"!  It was a pleasure to watch such a fine horseman at work!
Stock Contractor
Even with the torrential downpours on Sat., everyone came back & had a Great time on Sunday!  One of our favorite, small town flavor - Rodeo's!  At only $10. per person, you can even afford to donate for next years event!


  1. Great photos! I always drool over the pick-up men's horses at rodeo and the outrider horses at the racetrack- I dream of having Cartman trained that well:)

  2. Thanks! If I'm still riding & look that good at 86... let me know! :-)


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