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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Farah gets her teeth done~

Sarah Owens with Farah
After taking a peek in Farah's mouth late last year, we knew that she needed a lot of work.  It took a few months, but finally after meeting Sarah of Owens Equine & riding that last loop with her at Milwaukee, I made the appointment.  My first time looking at a young horses mouth in a few years.  There was plenty of work to do;  low crowns, several transverse ridges & two high crowns on each side.  The left side had a more severe table angle but Sarah easily reduced it.  Farah tends to get caudal lower and rostral upper hooks, which had caused calluses on her cheeks by the caudal molars.  After the work was done, Dr. Owens checked that Farah had good molar occlusion.  (A nice even bite.)   Good news in that there was no deformity or unusual shape to the jaw etc.

 I've been very nervous about having dental work done, since the year that Jas came awake before the equipment was off her head - started tossing it violently & cracked a molar.  It caused us grief for the rest of her life.  (As a heads-up - one of the first signs that something was wrong was excessive slobbering.)   I made Dr. Owens aware of my concerns & was very relieved when it was over!  I asked if I could reach in there to feel the work & Dr. Owens was happy to oblige.  I've been taught that you can feel more than what your eyes can see & how true it is.  All the teeth were smooth against her cheeks, her jaw was freed up & she seemed very happy when she went back to grazing.  Now, we'll check her the first of the year & see how her wear pattern has hopefully improved!

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  1. Fee has frequently "waked up" during sedation (most recently, during her spay surgery!!!) but she doesn't freak out or wiggle around, which is fortunate.

    They always look so goofy with the speculum!


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