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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Riding at Kathryn Taylor

Kathryn Taylor Ride~
Oh what an incredible day!  As I went to turn into Kathryn Taylor, the gates were closed!  Men working inside, grading & re-graveling the trailer parking area.  The gate wasn't locked, so I walked in, spoke to the men working & asked if we could figure something out?  Both were extremely pleasant & helpful.  We decided that if we put our rigs right at the edge, we would be enough out of the way that they could get the job done & we could get in a ride!  
Grading, my truck & trailer~
 Farah handled the noise just fine, after a couple sideways looks.  She grazed while we watched the gate to be sure that Amanda didn't drive right by without realizing that we were there.  All was good!  She & Beth pulled up - we opened the gate & hurried to get saddled up & out of the way.  
Farah watching ~
 With the high clouds, it didn't get as warm as predicted, the woods were lush & cool.  We ran into several work crews spreading fresh cedar bark on trails already graded.  The Salmonberry are the largest & ripest I've seen in years - so it was a contest as to who did the best job of picking on the fly!  :-)  Farah got in trouble for kicking out - wish I could have seen her face, as my friends said her expression said it all.  Now she really knows what my stick is for!  Great Day, great first ride of Summer!

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