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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Holding Down the "Farm"!

Holding down the farm, it's hard to call it work!  Especially when I'm met each day by my girl - who comes running to the gate to see me!  Farah has been on the farm for a while now - a big dry stall for those pouring wet days & a big dry grassy paddock when the sun is out - or almost!   Khari had decided that she didn't like Farah...  After, kicking our pasture gate right off it's hinges & ten-feet into the yard!  This in an attempt to kick Farah with both hind feet!  It made it easier all around to keep them apart.  Since I knew I'd be spending most of my days here for a couple weeks, I've enjoyed Farah's company :-) 
Tropic Lightening
Then...  there's the Big Guy!  Senior stallion Tropic Lightening!  Now 14, he's still always on the muscle & what better place in the world to be a stallion?
Tropic in his racing days!
Finally - there's Baby Doll!  My work day wouldn't be complete without taking a walk with Baby!  Now ten, I met him as a tiny puppy & watched as he matured into a Big Handsome Guard dog.  My only "pit" friend in the world, I still get butterflies when he jumps in my direction... but I love him.  
Baby Doll

In case you think I don't really work at all...  I do take calls, make appointments & hand out flea med's :-)  I've even developed my own set of clients - those that seem to always need something when the Doctor is away!

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  1. ooooh la la, Tropic Lightening is very handsome! It sounds like a fun place to "work"!


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