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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Khari's Leave-Taking~

Khari - ears in question?
No, I'd said I wouldn't cry...  I didn't either - until later.  As the trailer left down Dean's driveway - it was easy to be happy that this mare would finally get to move away from the cold, gray, damp, Great North Wet!  Heading for TX first, for a layover & to begin the process of acclimatizing to the heat - then by mid-September, on to Europe & from there her new home in Saudi Arabia!

I hope to receive updates from time to time on how she's doing.  We'd put a few extra pounds on her for the journey.  Diane, at the Arabian Horse Association called me yesterday - to discuss the final information needed for her registration transfer.  I was told that Khari is only the second Half-Arabian in the history of the AHA to be exported to Saudi Arabia!  That was pretty amazing news!  (They're making changes to the way they handle paperwork for the Half-Arabians due to more world-wide interest.)

It was Very quite at home last night...  The first time in many years that there hasn't been a horse on the property with us...   Both Rascal & Mischief missed their second dinner up at the barn standing under the feeders! Rascal walked around "looking" for Khari - he checked out the trailer twice...  was she still in there?   No...

Khari's leave-taking represents the end too, of many years of my life with Arabians & Endurance.  The rides, the miles, the scenery, the friends, the dreams...  all now saved in my memories & gone, as she is...  from the present.  Tomorrow, Farah comes home & a new chapter will begin! (I hope my old endurance friends will keep me on their list!)


  1. Didn't think I would cry either, but the tears did come to my eyes. Not many people realize their childhood dream, you did!
    Now, on to all the other dreams you have as an adult, with a lot of years left to enjoy!
    Love, mom

  2. Bye Khari! It's okay mom. You are gonna have another granddaughter to try to convert over to being horse crazy and drive me and Joe nuts!

  3. We will ALWAYS keep you on the list, gal. Wanna ride Thursday?

    1. Oh that's hard. I always try not to cry too, because once I start its like a floodgate.
      You should be very proud of your accomplishments with her! I knew that had to be rare for an Arabian horse to be imported to Saudi, I didn't know Khari was a cross though! What is the other half?
      Perhaps we should organize a "fun ride" for all the Distance riding bloggers some year. We've got lots of good trails to chose from here in Wa:)

  4. She is a purebred, but unable to be papered. The dam was a rescue, breeder dead. The AHA will not accept DNA as proof of purity - unlike other breed registries.
    A group ride would be fun! We could meet at the WSHP or something!

  5. A meetup at the Horse Park would be *awesome*. When can we do it?


  6. You just made me cry *hugs*


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