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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Horse of a different color~

Khari & Connie at Blanchard
How quickly things change - or at least it seems quick in retrospect...  Last year at this time I was riding a lot, only it wasn't Farah - it was Khari.  I'd decided to get her sold & the best way to do it was to continue to put on the miles & get her as fit as I knew how - ready to move up to the 100-mile rides that I had no ambition to do.  It wasn't until she was sold in June that I had the time to really concentrate on Farah.  I'm always impressed & amazed by people who have several horses & find time to work them all! 

After our lesson today with Sandra, I think both Farah & I had brain fade!  :-)  Finding out that it's not just one cue that alerts your mount to your wishes - it is - I'm learning, a combination of cues that tells Farah what it is that I'm asking her to do.   At least, when I manage to cue correctly & avoid the bad habits that I am working very hard at unlearning!  Farah is willing, tries very hard & does her best.  Her best is much better when it's Sandra doing the riding!  When I'm on-board - we have moments of feeling everything right & that's motivational - at least for me.

Jentry brought the girls up to meet me & Skyla wanted to ride.  Without much adieu I lifted her up & Jentry spotted from the off-side.  Farah - more than happy to be done with her lesson - walked off with her swinging "I'm going somewhere" gait & Skyla was on her way!  She glanced back once at her mother - a HUGE smile on her face!   Not one to give up easily - I'm still hopeful that at least one granddaughter will want to do some riding as she gets a little older! :-)

As a side note - after years of riding grays - I'm SO Happy to have COLOR!  :-)


  1. That photo is priceless. And I think it's funny that grays are your standard. I'm so tired of endless bays! I'd love a gray for a change. LOL

  2. Wonderful story Connie. I think you would love any color of the horses variety! All have been beautiful.


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