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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back on the Centennial Trail~

On to the Haller Park Trestle
We hadn't been on this trail since our point-to-point ride the end of March.  It had been awhile since we'd done any long-haul trotting - so today was the day.  Amazing how different things look now that Summer is underway.
The Stillaguamish River
The river was say down, several people enjoying the sun, sandy beach & cool water!  Once across - we picked up the pace.  Someone had taken down the first two mileage markers.  Bryant is a short 3-mi. stretch - then across Hwy 9 & back on the trail.  The prettiest part of this whole trail - at least to me - is just after this bridge.
Bridge over Pilchuck Creek
Looking on North!
Here you get a breeze off the creek if you're lucky & the quiet of the countryside.  The horse path along side is totally firmed up now & easy going.
We're catching the guy on the mower!
When we heard the mower - Farah picked up the pace & we caught him mowing on the horse trail :-)  Nice guy & they've got a ton of mowing to keep the thistles cut back.
The Barn looked so nice against all the green!
Must have been beautiful when the dairy cattle were grazing in this valley.  Rather than take our break at the barn, all full sun, we went on down the unimproved portion of the trail to find shade & fresh grass.
Looking back South~
The day wasn't getting any cooler, so we started back after just a short stop.
Farah checks out the creek below.
It looked like a good place for a cool swim to me!  Not many people out on the trail either.
Farah checks out where our brick will be laid~
We've ordered a brick to commemorate our March point-to-point ride!  First horse/rider team to do the entire 30-miles of trail.  At least to my knowledge & backed up by GPS :-)
Only the Big Trestle between us & Haller Park!
This bridge is impressive from either direction!  Heading south though - you're lulled on before you realize what you've committed to :-)  All Farah cared was that it was between her & the trailer!  She was really thirsty by the time we  returned.  Just a couple tenth's of a mile from a fifteen-mile round trip.  Good outing for a hot afternoon.


  1. looks like a nice ride today!

  2. So pretty - and such pretty ears at the bottom of it!


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