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Monday, July 22, 2013

Thanks to George!

Farah enjoying the bounty of the season~
Yesterday Linda & I again rode at Victoria.  A slightly different approach today & always fun & beautiful.  The Very Best Part though - was that Linda's husband George had taken the tractor up & into some rugged areas - to mow down the rider high thistles, nettles & everything else that was growing along two different sections of trail!  These Trails - are enjoyed by many riders, even more people with bikes & occasional hikers, some with incredibly noisy kids!  Many thanks to George for putting in a lot of work so that others can enjoy the trails!
Numerous cars in the Trailer Parking!
As we were coming up through the woods & could just see the road - we started hearing this loud, obnoxious Sound!  Like a Grizzly Bear in a Lot of Pain - I guess would describe it!  The horses froze in place - Farah in the lead - she went into her "Giraffe" pose :-)   We could just see up through the trees, to where a family was walking back to the parking.  A boy with them was making the screaming noises.  When he stopped for a minute - I yelled through the trees - asking if they were the one's who's cars were parking in the trailer parking?  At my second yell they finally heard me, stopped to see where I was & replied;  "Yes."  At least they were honest.  I told them that the signs were plain & that the gravel area was reserved for horse trailers- whether any were there at the time or Not!  With emphasis on the "Not"!  :-)  Then told them to have a good day & they replied same...

The new clear-cut
It's got to be one of three things - they can't read, or they don't think the rules apply to them, or they choose to ignore them.  Whichever it may be - it's Rude with a Capitol "R"!  Of course what kind of appreciation of nature can you have when you're making more noise than the wildlife?  :-)
Linda on Count
As you can tell from the photo above - there's still more than Plenty of trail work to be Done!   We really had a grand ride, covered a lot of ground & did some blackberry vine clipping - next time it's the saw!

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  1. We rode up some of the mowed area on Friday, and I said (out loud): "Blessings on George and his field mower!"


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