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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Sports Addictions~

Just part of the trail we cleared on the 4th~
Some people are addicted to the gym - working out every day.  Others to a sport - basketball, running, cycling etc.  For years - when asked,  I'd tell people I was working to support my addiction & it began with "H".  The looks I received were priceless :-)  Ten to twelve-hour days were the norm for many years.  The commutes I did then - probably couldn't even be done now...  

Even with a teenage daughter still at home, we found the time to work on our place, take some camping trips & within a couple years - pursue our newest addiction - horse riding!  Maybe it's age creeping up - but looking back, I don't know how we did it.
Fireweed in full bloom!
Now - riding is the addiction that draws me often.  Since I seldom write about private life - it probably seems to anyone who reads this blog - that it's all I do!  Farah & I go out about three times a week & are averaging about 100-miles a month +/-.   Our schedule seems to work for us both - our off time we enjoy & our ride time we enjoy.  Balance?  Isn't that what we're told is something to strive for in our daily life?  :-)
Yellow Yarrow
I left home late in the afternoon, had too much to get done & didn't want to be caught out in a thunderstorm.  It was worth the wait - cool & perfect.
Fireweed & Elderberry~
It seemed everywhere I looked was Color!  Against the gray skies - it popped!
Trail back toward home~
Even after the light rain we received overnight - everything was still very dry.  Footing rock hard & nice to have those pads on.
Reed Canary Grass
I had to admire the sea of green...  even though I know it as a hated evasive...  Of course Farah finds it exactly as wonderful as the reason it was imported here...
Farah's late afternoon snack~
No gym for me, no knees for running anymore - but saddle time gives me that wonderful boost that nothing like a good physical workout in the great outdoors, riding a good horse can provide!

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