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Friday, July 12, 2013

Riding & Shoeing!

View to the West
Finally, I plan a ride today with Linda!  Life has gotten in the way of all the usual riding she does - so I was determined to get her back in the saddle!  It was a cool, cloudy morning - perfect riding weather.  I was anxious too, to see how Farah's new shoes would work for her...

The shoer that I'd used for the last two shoeings, did not have time in his schedule to come out two weeks early to replace the shoes that we'd worn to absolutely nothing in the last four weeks.  He'd agreed to take me on as a client - which I appreciated, but didn't have the time to keep us on the trail.
No shoe left here...
He suggested that I call Justin - the same Farrier who'd replaced the shoe Farah had pulled off just as we were leaving for the beach in June.  Thankfully - Justin was headed our way this week & could come out.  Otherwise I would have been unable to ride, as you can see from the photo above.  It seemed that this shoeing just fell apart.  Yes, we did 25 at Renegade & yes we'd done another 25 on the SVT, but I expected a shoeing to last five or six weeks, which is our usual summer schedule.

Justin told me that the shoes that had been used were "EZ Keg" shoes, not known for durability...  Angles had dropped & there were several issues that I'd never had before.   Luckily there was enough hoof growth that Justin had something to work with & we needed those angles back up where they belong.  The rear toes were squared off the way Art had always done them.  New shoes are the Eventers that have worked so well for me, more wear-ability too.  Justin suggested pads, there was some very slight bruising from the worn down shoes.  I would have padded for Renegade - but actually didn't think of it - since Farah has tough feet & we were only doing 25.  Since these new shoes will hopefully take us into Bare Bones - I'm sure we'll get the use out of the pads.  He also used barium nails at the heels, with the idea of decreasing the wear on the hind shoes, at least for a while. 
Freshly trimmed w/squared off toes
I failed to take photos after the shoes were set, but they look SO nice!  Will try for photos over the weekend.  Anyway - today was the test & boy did they pass with flying colors!  Farah was moving better than she has since Art's passing...  Great break-over, no forging & moving like a bat out of you know where!  :-)  I could actually tell that she was happy & moving so effortlessly!  Big heartfelt Thank You to Justin for taking us on as clients!  I think he'll be stuck with us for a very long time!  :-)
Linda & Count
By mid-day the sun popped out, but the peaks of the mountains were still shrouded with clouds & it actually looked like rain!  At least in that direction!  Linda took us on an unusual loop - that hadn't been used in a long time, Farah had difficulty finding the trail, so Count took the lead & even then we got off trail once.
Today's route
We covered just under ten-miles, in under four hours, taking a break at the monument.  Only saw one other group of riders coming in as we were heading out.  Linda mentioned that two of her kids had called & she was hoping the others would.  When I asked why - she said today was her Birthday!  That's what I get for not checking facebook this morning!  :-)  I had a Great ride, think Linda had a Great ride & I can't think of a better way to spend my good friends birthday than riding with her!  :-)

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