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Monday, July 29, 2013

Fun, Faster, Farther ~

Our 20-mile ride~
Yesterday I met Lynn in Redmond at Katheryn Taylor Equestrian Park.  Such an incredible asset within an semi-urban area.  There were new houses being built in what was a part of the forest that still covers most of the Redmond Ridge.  It's a Beautiful forest too - still intact enough that some wildlife ekes out an existence there.   A doe with twins crossed the trail in front of us & further on, a Coyote was sitting in the middle of the trail grooming himself.  He was small & scrawny - not like the bigger ones we see in the mountains.
Small, pretty, horse farm~
The farm above is on a corner where we usually stop to let the horses grab some mouthful's of grass.  Looks like these owners have all the "toys" & that includes horses!  Nice!  All in a relatively small space too.  Being right on at least 20+ miles of equestrian access trails has got to be very nice.

We cruised along at a moderate pace, the morning was overcast & cool - so perfect summer riding weather.    We ran into a place with "closed-trail" signs- men working on a drainage basin that was almost finished & full of water.  They were putting down straw to stop erosion until the grass could grow.  We asked if we could go around the trucks & as we did, Farah - seeing a bale of straw - just HAD to take a bite!  She even ate it!  I think it would take some pretty harsh conditions for this mare to starve in the wild :-)

Out just about four-hours, we ran into friends, had a good chat & an even better ride!   Lynn has become such a popular riding partner that I feel lucky when she squeaks in a ride with me!  We covered a fraction under 20-miles in four hours.


  1. Sounds like a good time! You guys are really lucky to have so many different trails up there.

    I'm curious about that zinc liquid you mentioned to treat cough. Was that something he made himself or a purchased med? C is still coughing a bit:( even on the meds.

    Hopefully we'll be back in action in time for OR100. Good luck at Bare Bones!

  2. We sure are! I sent you an email with info. Will hope that the big guy is all Better Soon! Thanks - was looking forward to seeing you there :-(


Always Welcome~