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Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Square Round-Trip!

On the top of Redmond Ridge
That Lynn!  We'd planned a ride from Moss Lake to the Tolt, to see how far we could go.  Fog is far from my favorite weather to ride in, I start feeling claustrophobic...   So, since Lynn has told me many times that Redmond Ridge is always free of fog - we decided to go there.  Guess what?  As you can tell from the above photo - it was foggy.  We decided to take the Tolt Pipeline & head down to the Sammamish River Trail, then from there - if time allowed - return by the Powerline Trail.
Our 19-mi. "Square"
On the way out, we enjoyed sightseeing all the beautiful homes, barns, playhouses, etc., that are the norm in this area.  Even so high up on the ridge, once the fog burned off a little, we had cloud cover & the day stayed gray.
Lynn & Sophie head onto the Big Bridge over the roads~
There were a few people out, joggers, dog walkers, but we didn't seen any other riders.  When we dropped down the hill to the trail, I told Lynn that next time we're going to plan lunch at the Redhook Brewery - (The brewery Butch built :-) so Farah & Sophie can use my hitching post & we can eat!  :-)  Instead, we turned south on the trail for a few miles, before the turn that would take us back up the climb.
The Sammamish Slough
We were rewarded by seeing a big Eagle sitting in the Cottonwoods along the river, but otherwise - besides a few friendly people - like us - determined to make the best of a cold, gray day - it was pretty quiet.  Heading back, we had to really pick up the pace, as sunset is around 4:30 & after that it gets dark quick.  We had a lot of roads to cross to get back!
Lynn & Sophie cross Avondale
It's so nice to have to crossing lights!  There were only a couple crossings when we were back into the Trilogy area where we really had to keep a close eye on the cars to be sure the saw us in the fog & rapidly approaching dark.  Once back on trail - we hit a good trot & maintained it all the way back!  Fun!  First time in a while that we've been able to do that kind of trotting - the trails, though wet in places were in pretty good shape!

It was 4:35 p.m. when we returned to the trailers, fog so thick that we could hardly See them!   All in all - we'd ridden on three different trails & through three parks!   Cold, damp & dark - time to head Home! 


  1. did you say moss lake? hey, my man and i rode there with my friend tami. we were looking for a geocache too. that pipeline, the slough, that road crossing. lord hill, bracken, burke-gilman, i know them and it is so nice to see them in your blog. but my usual stomping grounds, as you know, were issaquah/fall city/hobart. hey, did i tell you about the time i rode my horse on the cougar mountain golf course? : ) that was on my bucket list. done! (but not without incident)

    i see there are lots of 12s around my city tonight. my hopes are with those 12s.

  2. Lytha, you're a been there rode that kind of girl :-) Issaquah/Hobart is a long haul south for me - LOT'S of traffic these days too. The golf course ride would be worth a post :-)


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