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Friday, January 24, 2014

Ridin' Into Sunset~

Mt. Rainier 4:51 p.m.
Another incredible day in January - did I write January?  With temperatures warming into the low 50's - it sure feels more like mid-spring.  Of course the mornings hover just below 30 & it takes until about noon for the sun to warm things up. 
Doing the Climb~
I hadn't ridden at Victoria for quite a while!  Ready for some high country & the views I loaded Farah - with her brand new shoes & was looking forward to sunshine on the mountain.   In the shade of the trees, it was still cold & a little frosty.  With the lack of rain this month - the trail that I took to the top was in super condition - better than it usually is mid-spring.  Otherwise I stuck to the roads as we're supposed to in the Winter.
Coming out to the view point
It was such a bright day that the contrast coming from the shade of the heavy trees into the sunshine was too much for my smartphone camera.  It was so clear that the Olympics looked like they were cut from glass.

We covered just over 15-miles - I wanted to go further but once the sun starts going down, it gets dark & cold quick.  Farah decided that she wanted a run & run we did :-)  She has one particular hill where she likes to dig in & attack.  Today she did just that!  First time in a while that she's had a chance to open up.  She was solid, straight & true - firing on all four cylinders up to 23mph :-)
Farah at Sunset
 Still with her winter fur, she worked up a good sweat, so we headed back.  I had to work the combination locks to the trailer doors by the light of my phone :-)   I've ridden more than twice the miles this January as I did last - wonder if the weather has had anything to do with that? 


  1. Sounds and looks fabulous! Is she shedding yet? Cartman just started today:)

    1. Funny you mention that! Yes - those first long hairs started coming off last week!

  2. I am jealous of your weather. We're freezing over here...

  3. I freeze in the mornings & the warm-up only lasts a couple hours before it starts cooling off again!


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