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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tolt Pipeline to Moss Lake

The Tolt Pipeline Trail
It may not look like it, but it was just after twelve noon when I took this photo.  The morning started out with 28 degrees on the thermometer when I woke.  Lynn & I had planned to meet-up earlier, but decided to delay our ride to give the day time to warm up.   Rather than try to cross SR 203, we took Big Lake Road from Duvall & easily found the parking area.
The view east!
Seeing all that trail heading into the distance is really something.  Miles & miles of hills either direction.  We'd wanted to do this ride for a while & today was a perfect day for riding.    We had a couple road crossings, but no traffic at either.  
Our route
We did some sight seeing - passing a couple "Paradise" on earth type of horse farms...  Amazing places these.  Farah enjoys seeing how other horses live too :-)  She sometimes will stop to check them out!  It didn't seem like long before we saw the road going in to the Moss Lake Trails & two riders coming out.  We were careful to watch our corners, since it was only Lynn's third visit there & my second.
Moss Lake
This time, I actually got to see the lake!  It is a very pretty place, with a thin layer of ice over most of the open water.  We picked up the pace going to the parking lot.  There we found a large group of people working on the trails & putting in a new one!  I'm wondering if these are paid employee's, volunteers, or a combination of both?  We made a short stop before heading back.  Farah was not at all surprised that the trailer wasn't there & when we turned to head back - of course the pace picked up!  :-)
Nice new signage~
We took the short way back to the pipeline that Lisa had suggested to us, so we ended up making a nice loop.  Once back on the Tolt, we moved right along - meeting a few people out walking.  Daughter Courtney & Grandson Mason called, they were at our trailers & had hoped to see us - but we were still too far out & they had to get home.
Looking west toward SR 203
Once back at the trailers, we rode west a way toward SR 203 & the SVT Trail - probably another mile or two from where we stopped.  It was almost 4:30, getting dusk & the temperature was already dropping.  We'd covered almost seventeen miles & ridden through a beautiful winter afternoon.  Incredible weather for January - no complaints!

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  1. Glad you and Lynn had good weather! Very nice pics. The Tolt has the same nice straight rolling gravel footing all the way North too. Right up to the last 1000' where you turn onto the paved road and drop down to cross 203.


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