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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I'm Back in the Saddle Again!

Are those Sheep Still over there???
We met up with Lynn at Lord Hill. We hadn't ridden there since the first of November.  I could tell that Farah hadn't been out for over a week!    Talk about a wild-child!  She about drove me to distraction with her antic's!  Sophie tried to ignore her as much as possible, but Farah was lifting herself off the ground, tossing her head - making me work every minute I was in the saddle!  At one point, I just asked Lynn if we could stop, I dismounted - took a deep breath & short break before climbing back up!
Wetland from the new bridge
It was what I'd call a typical January day - mild, gray, overcast & about perfect riding weather.  The trails though - had taken some abuse during the ride that was held there on Sat.  Lots of mud, new holes opening up & exposed rock.  I enjoy Lord Hill, but no real places to move out when the trails are wet. 
From the hill top
Farah had worked herself in to a good sweat & it took just about ten-miles for her to Finally settle in & behave herself.  I even decided to circle her once, make her stop facing the wrong direction & stand until she took a deep breath & relaxed a little.  Heading back, we decided to do one more loop & go over the ten-mile mark.  That really gave both mares an attitude adjustment!  :-)
Track at Lord Hill
We covered a lot of ground, mostly at a animated walk :-)  Finally - we did notice that it was getting a little dark out?  What time was it?  After 4:30, yes - it's staying light longer! 

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