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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Three Fingers on New Years Day 2014
We woke to sunshine!  I had to take the camera out to get some day one photos of the new year!  The photo above shows you just what a beautiful morning it was!  Dazzling to see the white at least starting to build up on the mountains.  I walked up to the woods, plenty of winter work to do there, but always beautiful~
Cedar Lane Trail
I found the plant below years ago at Machias Nursery, now need to remember what it's called & have asked Chris.  It's spread out so much that part of the corner of my trail is now under it's shiny green leaves!

 Farah was a little surprised when she saw "Dad" loading the bikes into the truck!  Time for a ride!  The clouds were moving in & it felt a little chilly, but really a nice day to get my husband back on his bike & on the trail.
Butch on the Centennial Trail
  We left from Haller Park, visited our bricks & then continued up to the Bryant Store - where we were resting on the bench when another couple on bikes came up & called out to Butch by name!  A guy he'd worked with around 03 up in Mt. Vernon!  Better yet, the lady with him rides horses too & we exchanged email addresses!
My other "ride" :-)
We rode about seven miles & that seemed like enough - since my face was getting numb from the breeze!  There were only a few people out on the trail, everyone wishing everyone else a Happy New Year!  What a Great Day & Great start to the new year!

I'd started our traditional New Years dinner of Bean's & Ham before we left.  The smell that greeted us when we opened the door - made us both hungry for dinner! 

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