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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Final Derby Results ~

Our Certificate!
Now that the rains have come - really come this time...  I was looking for Good news & found it this morning, with the posting of the final results of the 2013 Distance Derby!   I feel honored to have participated with a group of such fine riders, dedicated to their horses & who rode so many miles!  I think I've been a little instrumental in bringing several new riders to the Derby in 2014!  Most from here in the NW & one - an escapee now residing in CA :-)
Derby Leaderboard
It was a motivator for me - just to have others of like mind - who I knew would be out there riding with me, even on those rides I rode alone  :-)   It's something Farah & I both enjoyed so much - saddling up - heading out & riding!   As Butch said last night - Farah knows that she has a job now & she looks forward to doing it!  That's the kind of horse that I'd looked for, for a long time!   But - even better - is the attitude she brings to our partnership, a willingness to participate, that head up, (Are we going somewhere?) look that I get every morning!  The head over the stall door when I enter the barn.  The anticipation I feel every time I toss the saddle onto her back.  There's not enough money in the world to cover the happiness I feel from that~
My secret goal - after signing up for the Derby & reading the participant bio's - was to go for highest mileage horse!   Farah - attained that goal!  I'm hoping that the Derby will post some of the interesting statistics that they did for the first year of the Derby in 2012.

When the rain hit last night, I realized just how lucky we'd been last season, one of the nicest weather wise that we've had in several years - giving me all those amazing days of riding.  Today & looking at the forecast for the next several days, it doesn't look as though we'll see a dry day for a while...  That 40% chance that I'd hoped would give me a ride window - just hasn't materialized!  With the temperature today hovering at 40, it's the bone chilling wet that only the Pacific Northwest can provide!


  1. Congratulations on racking up the miles last year! I miss trotting the trails with you....

    1. Thanks Di! Miss those days & rides too!

  2. WOW, congrats on all that riding! Thank you for sharing all the links, interesting reading.

  3. I don't know Shawnee, but I do know Messick and Viken. I know they both ride multiple horses. I'll talk to Diane and see if we can't peruse the data (including Shawnee's) and see if we can't validate Farrah as high mileage horse. Stay tuned!


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