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Monday, April 28, 2014

Cascade Trail Point-to-Point

Skagit River
It was one of those stellar days - a day that if you could have a wish for a perfect day - this day would have fit that description.  I met Lynn & Jack at the Northern State Recreation Area parking area late morning.  Our plan was to again ride the Cascade Valley Trail from there - just outside of Sedro Woolley, to Concrete.
Typical Bridge on this trail~
The black lama that has been the bane of this trail in rumor & fact for years now - was at his post.  Lynn warned me that we were coming up on his pasture, but this day - the fence wasn't hot - so the lama charged the fence, hissing & unnerved Farah enough that she 180'ed.  Lynn had her hands full with Sophie too.  I got Farah going forward - then the lama charged again & we whirled again.  This time I Really got a hold on her & we went forward.  Next thing & heard Lynn yell & turned to see her on foot & Sophie taking off down the trail at a good trot!  (We were only just over 2-miles from the highway.)   I turned Farah & started in pursuit - knowing that it's a tricky business to catch a run-a-way without pushing them faster & farther.  Seeing a man on foot up ahead of Sophie - I yelled at him asking if he would try to grab her.  He made a vain attempt - but she took off around him.  By now the distance to the highway was shortened...  I picked up the pace - figuring that if all else failed I'd come up on her in a rush & try to cut her off.  One more jogger was in her path & this man who was tall & fit - managed to grab her up!  Sweet relief & our adrenalin rush for the day!
Beautiful in the Spring too!
We walked the horses past the lama with a nice lady who was walking her dog in front of us.  Both mares thinking - I'm sure - that the lama would eat her first :-)
Beefalo Herd
Next up the trail was the nice herd of Buffalo/Bison & part-breds.  Such majestic beasts!  A really cute calf in the middle & nice big bull.  This was a more "normal" looking animal to our mares - no spooking here :-)
Herd of mules & horses
Finally - we came to the very large pasture full of mules & horses - some really nice looking stock!  They too thought of us as their excitement for the day - so all raced the fence to check us out :-)
Fun to see them & watch them gallop across that large field of green.
Beautiful trail coming up on Concrete
 One of the prettiest sections of the trail is close to Concrete - we enjoyed it so much & I was surprised to find a beautiful patch of Vanilla Leaf.
Vanilla Leaf
I've tried to get this started in our woods without luck - they are really a "niche" native.  Next is the Winery, with the grapes just leafing out~
Cascade Valley Winery
Again - one of these days Butch & I will have to stop to check out the wines here!  As the photos show, the day was just so spectacular, with the white capped mountain peaks all around - that it would have been easy to just keep riding...   But...
Jack was waiting with the horse trailer for us in town & we were getting hungry!  We'd made it to the end of the trail!
A "mare" moment  :-)
Even after over twenty-miles of trail - our two mares are pushing each others buttons :-)  After a short break at the park, we drove over to the local burger joint for a quick meal before the drive back to pick-up my trailer.
Ms. Farah
Farah was really great today - Butch had removed the old rawhide nose-band from her bit & replaced it with the flat piece.  She really seemed to like it better.  She's feeling good, going good & Linda's saddle is working really well for us!

Update;  My tree was supposed to be in a box ready to ship to Mr. Olson the end of last week.  If it arrives in Ellensburg soon - we hope to have it boxed with the rest of the saddle & on it's way to Mike in ID by weeks end.  I'm not holding out any hope that Mike can get it done & shipped back in time for our ride, so at this point - will probably be riding in this one & won't complain - just thankful to have it to use! 


  1. Must have been the weekend of horse-eating livestock. The mare I rode this weekend thought the frisky cows would get us for sure.

  2. That crazy Llama! He has such a blast scaring all the horses that spook by! Does the trail end at Concrete?


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