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Monday, April 7, 2014

Incredible Day!

Whitehorse & Three Fingers
With the upgrade of my desktop computer to 8.1 - I've lost the photo editing software that I used everyday...  Until I can find something else that works in the "app store" - I'm stuck using them just as I took them!  Even so - today's view from Victoria was breathtaking!  The snow so shockingly white on the peaks against the blue sky. 
Mt. Baker peeks over the foothills~
Lynn & Jack were kind enough to make the drive up to ride with me & it was sure a fun ride.  This time I re-traced part of our path from last week & we did what I'm now calling the "Double Loop".  At just over 17-mi. it really made for a nice ride, with a long steep climb all the way back to the top - which we took first at a trot, then canter & finally a good gallop!  Both mares feeling very competitive - at least Farah wasn't as ornery as she'd been on our last ride.  A couple rides out on our own seemed to help her to settle down again.
Flowering Currants & Farah
The wild flowering currants were in full bloom, I was trying for a close-up when they started swaying back & forth?  Oh!  Farah browsing on the greenery!  :-)  The third portion of our loop is a long stretch of the old logging road - it's beautiful with all the grasses starting to grow.
Lower road
So with the nice place for some long trotting, then the climbs back to the top - this makes for a nice conditioning loop.  Farah's heart rate is staying lower & I'm working for more consistent speeds, while picking up the pace.  Sophie has such a nice trot & is always game for whatever we do - an amazing mare at 20-years of age.  As I've told Lynn many times, I can only hope that Farah will still be as strong by that age!

Great day, great ride!

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