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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sunshine & Thunderstorms!

We head back toward that For Sale sign from yesterday~
I've had to amend this post to include mention of Earth Day!  Our first on the Homestead - we planted trees & still are!  :-)

I really didn't expect to get in a ride today...  But the early afternoon was so pretty & even though the clouds were moving fast, there was plenty of blue sky.  So - I saddled up again & had a plan to check out the trails to the south - since we'd gone north yesterday.
Pilchuck Creek
Though it's hard to see under all the green - the creek flows through here from it's headwaters further up.  This land is home to the headwaters of no less than three different creeks - along with the numerous wetlands that I love so much.  Coming to our old "Clover Hill" the creek was beautiful!
Farah gets a drink~
 Pilchuck creek used to be full of Salmon.  In the fall - the banks would be covered with dead fish.  We were wading through one year - when one splashed unexpectedly & spooked our horses.
The creek flowing~
We went down the two trails that I re-discovered a few months ago to the place where the old bridge has fallen in - or been removed.
Farah was just Great!  She went through water up to her chest, then dropped down into a small ravine full of flowing water & a small waterfall!  The entire ride she worked on a loose rein & even in the middle of a heat cycle - used her head.  From this point - we made the turn to go back.
Caught by the rain!
Back in the future development - the rain hit!  One big dark cloud right over our heads - small hail pellets too.  We parked under the trees until the worst of it blew by...  Then started up to the power line & north.  The rain let up, the sun returned & my shirt actually started drying out!  Farah hit a good trot on our way back & I got chilled from the breeze :-)
Rain is Moving IN!
By the time we'd crested the hill - it was obvious that our good time was coming to an end!  It's just so gorgeous these spring days - that I'd spend All my time out riding if I could!  It seems so many riders get wrapped up in the conditioning aspect of riding...  For me - it's all about the Ride!

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