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Friday, April 18, 2014

The Glory of Green!

Down the Trail~
After days & nights of pouring rain - it was so great to see the clouds part & the blue sky appear!  Both Lynn & I were itching for a ride - so met at Lord Hill about noon.  It was still cool & the clouds were stubborn - but we didn't mind!  In just a few days - the buds on the trees were opening & the flush of light green assaulted the senses!  Then - there was the smell!  Of fresh air & fresh green & growing everything!
A new trail!
The BCH & Boy Scouts - along with other volunteers have been working on a new trail!  We took it to the point where it stopped, then turned & found another section to follow out.  It led around the lake & past a beautiful, full wetland.  Here though - the smells were of Skunk Cabbage!  Lots of water was flowing everywhere & the river was Full!
Green & glowing Wetland~
At times Lynn wasn't too sure exactly where we were - or where we'd come out - but we didn't care!  Farah started out ornery - but I'm paying attention - staying on task & letting her know that I'm not going to allow it.  Soon - she settled down & gave me a really nice ride.  In places she sunk deep into the freshly plowed dirt - but each time lifted us up & out without any fuss.
Lynn & Sophie
We rode down to where Lynn remembered an old homestead - the trees planted way-back-when were in full bloom!  The grass is so lush that each time we stopped all the mares wanted to do was graze!  The bugs were terrible though - swarming us any time we were anywhere close to water. We'd sprayed the horses down, but next time I'll be spraying me too!
 Ah Spring - how sweet it is!  We both felt truly blessed to be out on the trail on such a glorious day~

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