Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Saddle Time~

Heavy clouds, cool breeze~
I was very happy to be heading north today to meet-up with Linda for a ride.  I was hoping that saddle time would help.  There is the healing process that occurs whenever you lose someone - it takes time, lots of time & each day has to be taken at face value.  Riding is invaluable to anyone who appreciates just how much good a big, warm, horse can do for our soul.  Count did his best!
Count & Linda
Linda managed an almost smile & we enjoyed every mile.  At least as long as Linda's phone didn't ring with another problem that she was supposed to solve for someone.  Funny - when you need people to step up - it seems you end up giving them a hand anyway.  Regardless - we caught up on the local news & enjoyed what ended up being a decent day.  No rain!
Farah enjoys her fresh Salmonberry leaves~
As I took this photo - Linda reminded me that no indeed - this was not random browsing...
Count too~
It's "Trail Clearing"!  OH!  That makes all the difference - it's your state-of-mind!  What great horses we ride!  Not only do they take us miles & miles - they clear trail!  With all the use the trails that are supposed to be closed are getting - it's a good thing that someone is doing some clearing!  :-)
Prunus emarginata
 Today - we enjoyed the Wild Cherry trees!  Now in Full Bloom & smelling so sweet that they fill the air with their richness!  This time of year it's as if Washington explodes with Green!  You think this state is green - then comes Spring & you learn that what you thought was green - really wasn't! 


  1. Glad to see Linda and Count spending time on the trails. It won't fix anything, but it can't hurt....

  2. Where'd you both ride? Looks like a gorgeous trail. Hey, saw you on RFD TV yesterday :)

    1. Our "usual" haunt - Linda lives just off one of the tree farms. You did? :-) Bet it was on Best of America on Horseback :-)


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