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Monday, July 7, 2014

Adjusting & Adjusted~

It was hard to stay home from one of our favorite rides, but all in all - following Linda's advice & seeing a Chiropractor has set me on a new path that at this point is working well for both me & Farah.  My shoulder has finally moved back into the vicinity it belongs, low enough that people can see my ear again!

Dr. Jay rides a mountain bike & does a lot of hiking - so he understands people who want to keep on doing what they love to do.  He agreed that we could continue on - just not at the rate/speed/distance that going to a ride would entail.  He is also very good at turning some of my comments back at me!  Like when I mentioned that I'm one of those "type A's" always about how fast I can get it done.  When I complained that I'd have to come in yet another day - he said;  "I thought you were the one that's all about speed?"  If I keep up with the schedule - my neck will improve quicker.
Farah waits for her adjustment
 On Thursday, I walked Farah down the sidewalk on 172nd & you should have seen four lanes of traffic freak out at the sight!  :-)  She helped with yard work while we waited :-)  Watching while Jay was working on her - it was obvious that something was happenning.  She'd had one spot up by her poll on the off side that she's been snarky about since I bought her.  No longer!  The difference in her today was readily apparent.
With yet another new pad~
As much as we've both liked Linda's saddle, it has been making "waves" on her withers - especially when we do a lot of up/down hill which we do a lot of anyway.  I'd tried foam inserts in the Woolback - but she didn't like that.  We went shopping to buy a crupper - but couldn't find one locally.  Instead - since Everett had mentioned a pad he bought that worked well to keep the saddle in place - I found one of those at Bony Pony - a Tucker "Tacky Tack" pad.
Morning fog~
Linda wanted to head out early to beat the heat & it was a good thing we did.  The ride was Great, cool & beautiful - we saw two deer.  When you ride with Linda - you ride trail & we did plenty - up/down & all around!  The saddle stayed in place & by the Monument I took it off to see what things looked like.  Farah's back looked great - not as sweaty as usual under the Woolback & the waves actually looked a little better!
Linda & Count!
 Linda is smiling in this photo - because she enjoys torturing me!  Enjoys it!  :-)  More than once over our years of riding together - one or the other of us has had to work through stuff & there's no one better than Linda to work you through it!  Each ride - my confidence is improving - Farah still taking a second look at the small bridges we cross!
Fog burning off, Sun coming out Hot!
 By the time we headed back - the sun had burned through & the temperature went up about 15 degrees in 5 minutes!  We have plans to clear trail tomorrow morning - we've picked the trail & we're hoping for another foggy morning!
My new Crazy Legs!
Diane wanted a photo of me in my new tights - so here it is!  I removed my half chaps to better show off the pattern on the tights & yes - I removed my helmet too!   The cotton works perfectly for me & good thing - since Di mentioned something about... if THEY were too hot - I'd be riding naked!  NOT!

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