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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Out & About @ Bracken~

Lynn on Sophie, Amanda on Cato & Beth on Kate
We'd all been trying to figure out a way to meet-up for a ride!  Having discussed different places, then the holiday traffic that will be clogging the roads, I got lucky!  Amanda, Beth & Lynn all agreed to come up this way!  Bracken seemed a good idea & a lot of other riders must have thought the same thing - since the trailer parking was almost full when we arrived!
Decorations for the Forth?
When we came to the water tank, the cedar next to it was decorated with these tiny clip on ornaments!  Cute & festive too :-)  Some were so high in the tree - that someone had to stand on their saddle to get them up there!  Even Amanda on Cato couldn't reach the highest ones!  We had no particular agenda - except to have a nice ride & catch up on all the news.
Over Tin Bridge we go!
Mid 60's sure felt nice to me!  I wore my new Crazy Leg Tights that Diane made especially for me out of a cotton blend are the lightest, coolest ever!  The fit is perfect & I LOVE them!  They are the most comfortable Ever!  The padding at the inside of the knee is just perfect!  We rode out to the "Emerald Valley" & had our lunch.  The horses Love the grazing & would have happily spent the day being horses...
Break time!
The sky turned gray with big, dark clouds rolling in just as we decided to head back.  It sprinkled on us - but nothing like the rain that those clouds looked like they might unleash!  Farah - who was very unhappy that Cato brought Kate - finally decided to settle down & walked almost decently along side Kate on the way back - Beth & I had a chance to chat too :-)

I can't thank everyone enough for coming up to ride with me!  Now that my schedule has to revolve around my 3 X's weekly visits to the Chiropractor - for the next TEN weeks...   It's more challenging to figure out my rides.  I did get up this morning to less pain that I've had since our fall - that was really nice.  It lasted until I was in the saddle & Farah wanted to be challenging...  We both have an appointment later today!  Maybe Dr. Jay will show me a button to relax her!  :-)

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