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Monday, July 28, 2014

HOT & High!

We Climb~
Hot, did I mention that?  Have I mentioned before that I Do Not like the Heat?  Thank heaven for those electrolyte tablets!  I took one before I left & each hour of the ride.  I do believe that they are what's keeping me riding in this heat.  Those & Joyce!  When she said we needed hills & heat to prepare for upcoming rides...  I think she Meant it!
Joyce leads the way~
When we started out, it was only seconds before we were attacked by deer flies - hoards of deer flies.  I'd sprayed Farah as usual & did her ears & face with a roll-on - but it made No Difference!  First time that's happened.  I think the combination of all the rain last week - then the heat this - has drawn out bugs that probably haven't hatched in years!  At least that's my theory...  It was horrible.  Even at a fast trot, even at a gallop - they stayed with us.  It was only once we got clear of the overgrowth that we found some relief as we started to climb.
Big Lake in the distance
We had both horses galloping up "Kitt's Trail" this day - they were driving each other on.  Farah would get ahead, then slow - Jesse would make his move - then slow.  Farah would give him her "shark" look as he went by - then open up, pass him & we'd repeat!  Both were covered in sweat by the top & we were too!
Mount Rainier due south~
Even through the haze from the fires, pollution or probably both - we could just see Mt. Rainier on the skyline to the south as we headed back down.  I got off & walked/jogged some of it - just to loosen up & get a photo of the amazing Fireweed that is now just past it's prime.
Fireweed & the Olympics
One of my favorite natives, I'm going to ride here next year when it's in full bloom.  The honey from this plant is amazing too!  It lit up an otherwise very hot, oppressive day.  Even with the heat, sweat & bugs - we rode & rode pretty hard.  Both horses held up really well & we covered over 16-miles, with over 2,500 ft. elevation gain.
Lower down, meadows in flower~
We returned to the trailers early afternoon, just in time for me to get home, give Farah a bath & make my afternoon Chiropractic appointment.  My shoulder is feeling better & my neck is getting better too, it takes time & I've become more of a believer since it's also improving my balance in the saddle! 

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