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Monday, July 21, 2014

Clear Trail!

Clear Trail!
When I arrived at Linda's this morning - I knew she'd been up to something!  :-)  She had that look on her face!  Once we were up on the trails & I asked my usual question;  "Which way?" I found out that someone had been clearing some more trail!  So - of course I wanted to check it out to be sure that someone wasn't telling tales!  Well...  it was the truth & an interesting truth it is.  It took Linda 1-1/2 hours to clear a quarter of a mile of trail & at a walk - we covered it in 4 min.!  Another section - of 3/10th's of a mile - took us 6 min. to walk & another hour + to clear!  So - it's a labor & time intensive proposition to clear trail in Western, WA!  The reason that the endurance rides that have been held here in the past - are no more!
Another cleared trail!
The trail above heads down to the parking area & porta potty.  It was so heavily overgrown that it was almost impossible to get through at all - not any more!  Thanks to Linda!  Today we did some scouting & checked trails that haven't been used in forever - you have to actually know they are there to even find them!
Linda moving tree tops~
Since I'm still supposed to be in "recovery" mode...  I held the horses while Linda broke us through.  A really beautiful trail that I'd completely forgotten about called the View Trail - from the days when there was actually a great view. 
Clouds in the morning~
Lest you think we didn't have any fun at all - we did go check out the views & had lunch at the monument.  The day started so cool that we took jackets, but once the sun burned through - it turned hot in a hurry.  No need for jackets!
Count brought his snack with him!
Count wanted everyone to know that he too, does his share of trail clearing!  When we dropped off the hill onto the paving, I heard Linda say something & turned to get this photo :-)  Really great day of riding!

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