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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Turning on the After Burners ~

The rain moving in~
Today, we headed out on our own to do our large loop at Victoria.  I wanted to do some moving out - on road & trail too.  I enjoyed my tea up on the swing - then caught up on chores before I drove up shortly after noon.
Full parking!
What a surprise to take the last open spot in the parking lot!  Even with all these rigs, we only saw two other horsemen during our ride & they'd ridden in.  It was humid & quiet, I put my rain coat on the back of the saddle.
Another overgrown trail~
About the time we were making this climb, the rain started.  I was happy I'd taken my jacket & put it on! By the time we were at the top, I could see what I thought was a lot of rain heading our way...
Serious Rain~
After a stop at the Monument, short - since I didn't want my sheepskin seat saver to get wet - we kept moving.  Heading down to the south end & onto my Green Trail.  It was so gorgeous & quiet in the deep part of the woods.
Natural Arch~
 We hustled on through to the Main Line road & headed back north.  The rain had stopped!  Farah sat a good pace, she was enjoying this ride & getting to do her thing.  It wasn't long before we came out at the clear cut & could see back & up to the top of the Mountain.
Outlook at the far right - high point
From here we really started cooking along - making really good time & started the climb back up.  Our elevation gain was 2,198 - a good climb in anyone's book.  We hit the top at a trot, then turned onto the logging road that's at second level.  From there it's yet one more climb & we did that at a gallop.  One guy on a bike was trudging up...  I yelled that we'd be passing him on the right & he already knew that we were almost there!  Farah gave him a sideways look as we flew past :-)
Hardly out of the trailer & head down!
I don't think I have to worry about having enough speed - we were flying by the time we were coming up on the crest of the hill & I was asking her to slow up!  I spoke to Gary McClintock again today & we're looking forward to working with him.  Farah has accepted the crupper in the correct position now & the waves on her withers seemed better after today's ride.  It will take a few more miles to see if it solves the problem.  Gary's sending a set of bucking rolls, not sure if they'll fit the saddle, but worth a try.  There's nothing to keep me in position on the steep downhills & he got a laugh out of that!

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  1. What a perfectly beautiful ride it looks like you had. The photo with the caption 'serious rain' is just stunning, what a view!


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