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Monday, July 14, 2014

Back from the Brink~

"My" Red Mini Germanium
Good news I have to report.  After last Winter's disaster - with the temperatures in the teens for days on end & my failure to adjust the heat in the greenhouse, I had only two small, sickly plants left this spring.  That was pretty scary for me, since I've been propagating this particular variety since at least  1995.  Lucky for me - both plants have survived & are blooming - with enough shoots that I can start more.
Many blooms~
Summer is Not my favorite time of year...  I love the long days, but anything over 80 just seems like overkill to me :-)  Last evening it stayed muggy & hot.  The only redeeming feature was the amazing sunset that turned the clouds peach. About 2 a.m. I woke to the sound of rain - but it only lasted maybe five minutes - enough to raise the humidity.
Variegated Mock Orange
But, since this post is about flowers, I'll continue with the photo above of the Mock Orange.  The smell of this bush carries over most of the front yard on a warm day & we're getting those!
Cool Blue of the Hydrangeas
I look out the kitchen window to the cool blue of the hydrangeas - they look beautiful in the light of the full moon too...  Another native that is blooming now -
Spirea douglasii
This plant most would not even consider planting in a yard - but it's a really nice bush, I love the pink fluffy blooms.  Besides our well pump going out last night & Butch going to Lowe's to Not find the one he wanted...  (He was up late making it work - then left at 2:30 a.m. for work.)  The good news is that we have water flowing & I can keep up with the watering!

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