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Friday, August 1, 2014

"Family" time! :-)

Odysseus & Farah
We'd been wanting to get together since our first meet-up last October.  But since Sandy lives in the Bremerton area & we're up north, it's hard to coordinate our schedules this busy time of year.  Regardless, when I told Sandy we'd be driving south to attend the Bare Bones Endurance Ride, we both figured it would be as good a time as any to meet.  We'd be closer than at any other time this year.
How close do we let them get?
Ody was gelded shortly after siring Farah - (Now considered a mistake by all!) to improve his quality of life.  He was lucky that Sandy found & took him on.  It was obvious that both horses recognized each other!  Farah wasn't as wired as she had been the first time she met Ody, but nonetheless - she made sure he knew that she was "boss mare"!  :-)  Ody was not intimidated in the least at her nasty expressions!
Saddled & ready!
 We've both wanted more photo opportunities of the two of them together.  Hopefully, one day at liberty - but for now we were happy that Butch was there with his camera.  Cassidy came by too & took more - I'm waiting for those & will update this post when they arrive.
Hum...  What's this?  :-)
I've mentioned Farah's fits in previous posts - but for the first time, Butch managed to capture one on film!  This is her very typical - "lets go or you will" antics!  We wanted to get in a ride & even in the oppressive heat - away we went!
Father, Daughter time :-)
Norm & Butch sat in the shade & drank a cool one while we rode out to see what the trails looked like.  We found our way along the blue/pink loop.  It was beautiful & a little cooler in the woods.  We also ran into a group of local ladies riding & enjoyed meeting them.  We're thinking that another meet-up in this area in the fall might be a good idea!


  1. How cool is that! I can totally see the family resemblance- and not just color.

  2. This is awesome! Makes my heart smile! :-)


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