Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ride Photos & BC Scoring~

The Ride Photographer at Bare Bones, Cassidy Rae - did a great job of getting us those photos that we all cherish so much after a ride, here are my favorites~
Butch trots Farah for BC judging
  I've received clarification on the low score of (4) Farah received for Lesions.  Dick Root, DVM - explained that he changed the way the points are distributed in the "Veterinary Score" portion of the Best Condition score card category.  He lowered the possible points in Lesions, from 0 to 10, down to 0 to 4.  Then added points; 0-16 for the Recovery portion.  So, Farah's (4) became the highest score possible in that category & (6) points lower than in the past.
Our tough mare!
I love seeing the photos - the views that I'm usually too busy to see.  Then - of course - while we're busy - the dogs are bored :-)
Rascal demonstrates "bored"~
Rascal's nemesis - buddy Annika - is - on the other hand - always ready to do something!  She spends her time trying to rile him into playing :-)
Now two-years old, she's finally almost over chewing up everything in sight!  She's also become more dominant & active as a guard dog.  Small but mighty!

One of the things about Endurance that keeps the diehards coming back - is the constant learning curve that it entails.  There's no way that you can possibly learn all there is to know.  Many, many books have been written - most good & all with differing points of view as to the best way to approach the sport.

What you don't often hear, is about the rides themselves...  Each, at least in my opinion, is an entity into itself - new rides have their challenges.  Rides that have history - usually have that history because they've established a reputation for either their beauty or toughness.

The sport continues to change & molt as time goes by...  The real old-timers were the toughest of the tough - jeans, duct tape & grit...  "May the Best Horse Win!"  We who are the aging second generation of riders, finally started wearing helmets, bought the new GPS gadgets & the new bio-thane, brightly colored tack.  Now - I see more riders who run ahead of their horse - at least on the downhills & cross train at Ride & Tie, etc.

Me?  I still prefer saddle time.  Taking pride in finishing a ride with a sound & happy equine athlete.   After all ~   
Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove


  1. Great Post! Glad the score thing got clarified.

    1. As clear as "mud" Laura :-) No one I've spoken to, knew that ride Vets could change the scoring system...

  2. I love your quote from Gus at the end. :-) And of course this was another great post. I have not ridden a ride yet but I have volunteered...who decides the scoring system changes? I would have thought it would go through a committee of some kind. Always learning.....

    1. It's my all-time favorite quote & at the top of the blog - but hard to see :-) That's the consensus... I think the governing body for the sport - the AERC - would need to address any changes in scoring. We'll see what comes of it.


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