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Monday, August 25, 2014

We are Where?

At the creek~
We started out about 10 & headed down the trail to the creek crossing.  On the way - Farah Again whirled & tried to turn back on an open trail - brush down both sides & a pile of poo in the middle.  I couldn't believe it!  Neither could Joyce.  I turned her back & again she whirled!  This time I told her;  "Either you go - or you get the stick"!  Joyce mentioned in Farah's defense - that with all the blackberries ripe, a Bear could have easily crossed the trail before us.  I hope that's Farah's excuse.  She was on alert for the first few miles.
Can you see Joyce & Jesse?
Joyce asked if I wanted to do some exploring & that's what we did!  Going on trails that I have never seen - technical, muddy (even now) but really beautiful with some huge trees!  I tried using my phone camera today- but the results in the woods were no better than with the Nikon.   It was hot, humid - but much cooler in the shade & that's where we were most of the ride!
You see it Jesse?  You see it Farah?  What are we looking at?
These two feed off each other & it was almost comical at times :-)  When we came in off our wanderings to a trail that was familiar - even then, the two of them were still somewhat on guard.  In spite of it - we again enjoyed some really nice stretches of trot & the breeze felt so good.
Trees thinned
The tree farms have been busy places this season...  The selective cutting here, then this thinning - to allow the remaining trees to grow.  It's eerie looking - almost like a scene from some scary movie.  But then - if you ride far enough out & we did - we found some truly beautiful places too.
Jesse gets a cookie :-)
The photo doesn't do the area justice, it was like riding through a forest of green lace, the vine maples with their bright green leaves are protected from the sun here & it was still spring like.  In most other places they're turning their fiery fall colors!
Butterfly Bush
Finally - I took this photo today of a Butterfly Bush.  Yes, they're pretty - but NO - we don't want them!  It's originally from Asia - invasive & toxic to Butterfly's!  Please read the link that is also the caption of the above photo.  Pass this information on to anyone you know - who has one, wants to buy one etc.  There's nothing that riles me more than nurseries who knowingly sell invasive plants.  There are so many beautiful native plants in this state, there's no need to propogate those that do harm to the environment.

I'm ready for the Dog Days of Summer to be done! 

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