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Monday, August 18, 2014

The Thousanth Mile ~

Unnamed wetland~
Today was finally THE day!  I just couldn't get up much motivation last week to ride in the heavy, oppressive overcast & humidity that each day brought.  We were busy all weekend - but Joyce had a ride in mind for today & I was totally looking forward to it - even when I Knew it was going to be hot & humid yet again!  At least it was sunny & beautiful!
Looking across to the spot the first photo was taken!
There's part of a trail that we're sure used to go completely around the lake, but it's way overgrown now.  We did get far enough around to look back to the far side.  We saw several piles of fresh bear scat - the blackberries are ripe!  We took every off-shoot trail that we could find!  Hoping to figure out some kind of a new loop.
Off another road we found ourselves on the back side of Mt. Baldy
We did more climbing that we thought we would & found a beautiful trail into some Very large timber!  There was a Douglas Fir that was one of the biggest I've seen in a very long time!
The end~
It was so much cooler in the shade of the tall trees that we were sad when we came to the end of the trail & the end of the coolness.  We're both pretty sure we were looking north from this spot.  Turning back - we followed another trail & followed it to what used to be a view point that looks up Grandview Road, but the young trees are taking out the view now.  There's a house not far away - so no way to go past.  There were more blackberries for our lunch though!
Joyce & Jesse
Finally we'd about reached the limits of any other trails in the area - so started back.  Found another large, fairly fresh clear-cut, with nice views of the mountains.  About the only white left on Whitehorse is the saddle in the middle! 
Whitehorse & Three Fingers
We did some galloping on the way back - Jesse & Farah powered up the power lines neck & neck :-)  We were both standing in the stirrups to make the turn back to the quarry!     Again - this year we have plenty of tough competition in the Distance Derby - with Diane having locked up #1 :-)  But with this ride, Farah & I have again crossed the threshold of 1,000 miles to date!  One month to the day earlier than last season!  We'll take it!

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