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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Free & Easy~

Slopes of Mt. Washington
Coming home from Bare Bones Sat. evening was really the right decision!  Traffic was as light as I think traffic Ever gets out on I-5.  We cruized home without having to stop once!  Much easier on us, Farah & the rig too!  Home before midnight - we had Sunday to relax before Butch started his work week.  Yesterday I did all the unpacking, washing, etc. that seems to be the inevitable downside of any trip.

Today - though I was anxious to get out & Joyce wanted to get in a few miles before her trip to Santiam this coming weekend - so we saddled up & rode out from her house.  It had been awhile since we'd done that & it was a little cooler today - though the deer flies were still out in force.
Tiny pink periwinkle!
It was a beautiful morning!  We did the reverse of a loop that Joyce knew would be doable - so many of the trails need work.  It was a bright surprise to find this tiny hot pink periwinkle blooming along side the trail.

Farah was amazing - really on-the-make today - even though I think she's been in a heat cycle since a couple days before the ride.  She hit a flying trot, wonderful smooth transition to canter & was moving out at the walk.  She like me, really doesn't like the hot days & since today was cooler & we had a nice breeze, she was enjoying the ride as much as I was.

I can ride this mare hard, really hard & yet she's always ready for more!  The grumpiest we'd ever seen her was after Mt. Adams & her first 55.  She found out that there are more miles of trail than just 25 or 30 :-)  Her BC scores were nevertheless - much higher than after the 30 at Bare Bones.  Yet - to us - she looked fresher. 
Farah meets Pumpkin!
    When we returned to Joyce's - I had a fun surprise!  Pumpkin appeared to visit with us!  She is such a cutie!  At nine-weeks now, she goes out into the woods around Joyce's house on her own - then returns about three times a day for her feeding.  Joyce said that she's starting to ween herself now & before long bottle feedings will be a thing of the past.   Just as we were leaving a beautiful three point young buck, velvet still on his horns when through the pasture!  We both think that before long - she may be stolen away by the handsome stranger!  Such a sweet creature!  Farah though so too!  :-)


  1. Awwww, Pumpkin is adorable! My sister and her husband came across a doe that had been hit by a car, then they saw the baby. He was not in good shape but she had to try. Buck grew up and moved on....I bet he found a cute little lass like Pumpkin. :-)

    1. That's great to hear! That someone else was successful with raising an orphan & it's return to the wild! Joyce has done a Great job!


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