Ain't nuthin like ridin' a fine horse in a new country - Augustus McCrae – Lonesome Dove

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Equine Mind ~

Vine Maples showing off their color!
It was a perfect day for riding!  Joyce & I met at Bracken to get in a faster little ride.  Farah was happy that Joyce brought Target today.  The overcast was high, it was very quiet, we left a little later than usual - noon, but it seemed like it was earlier in the day.  Every year when we ride these trails, the vine maples above light up the day!   It's an early harbinger to the coming season - Fall!
Under the power lines
Today, we were in a grove!  So darn much fun!  The two horses trotting along 11-mph - side-by-side, both on a lose rein.  The miles were whizzing by & we both were wearing huge smiles!  The temperature was so cool that the horses hardly broke a sweat.
I don't know who made this sign, but every time I pass it I say I'll take a photo & today I did!  :-)  There were several trailers in the lot & we ran into a few riders.  It was quiet too, no logging going on - but plenty of reminders that it has been.
A few logs left~
It's not pretty - but it's the purpose of the farms...  Without them & their welcoming policy toward horsemen all these years - where would we ride?  I'm just hoping that this cut will be Very selective - keeping enough shade from the tall trees to prevent the influx of invasive weeds.
Target shows his consternation :-)
On the way back, Target decided that he'd not cross the bridge unless Farah went first  & then - he wanted his nose at her tail!  Joyce said;  "No, we're going to stay here!"  As I turned to see - I had to laugh out loud at his expression!  Then - the final trail back to Bracken Rd., Farah in the lead - walking her big walk - suddenly stopped!  The giraffe look happened as her attention concentrated on a fresh pile of poo in the trail.  One millisecond later she did a complete 180 & I was facing Joyce!  UNREAL!  I smacked her Hard with the stick, turned her back & dismounted.  I picked up a piece & put it on her nose while using my most severe tone to chastise her for her stupidity,  whereupon she let out a huge sigh!

So, we wonder & wonder some more...   Just what does go on in the equine mind?  :-)


Always Welcome~