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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Shadows~

Linda & Count
We were more than ready to get in a ride together - two weeks had gone by quick!  Neither of us were in a very good mood - neither of us really could put a finger on why, both tired of the heat of Summer & happy that today was cooler.  Both also looking forward to Fall!

Farah is in season again & was at the ride.  Her lack of motivation was apparent today - when she was willing to stop on the trail in the hope that Count would give her attention!  :-)  He was happy that she wasn't her usual self :-)  Even lazy - he led us on some nice fast trots through the twisty trails.
Taking a call~
 Every time we're out & Linda takes a call - it still seems strange that we can & do :-)  All the years we rode without the interruption & never missed it a bit!  It was quiet today - only a couple trailers in the parking lot when we arrived.  We did see Patty & Kendall coming in & I made introductions.  Fun to see them!  Otherwise, only one other local rider on the trails & two bike riders all the way from Federal Way - visiting friends who live at Lake McMurrary.
Always beautiful on top~
We rode a different route today - I showed Linda the newest obstacles that the bike riders have installed on "their" trail.  They have the time to construct rock & wood jumps - but no time to do any trail clearing.
The start of Linda's latest 4.5 hours of trail clearing~
On the other hand - Linda has been weed-whacking more & more trail!  Now I feel like a slouch!  All this was cleared Tue. & by today it was bone dry & we could have bailed it!  Huge difference!  Taking those thistles down sure makes it nicer to ride through!
This section too got done!
Our horses were disappointed - no more grabbing mouthful's at every step!  Even uninspired, we managed to get in some miles, but were ready for a ice cold Coke by late afternoon when we got back to Linda's.  Nice to ride on a day that didn't make it above 80.  

Butch & I will be at the Festival of the River on Sat. morning, to help out at the booth for the Centennial Trail!  We'll have t-shirts for sale & brochures full of trail info.  A great place to promote  the trail that is such an asset to the entire area.  Darrington will be having their annual Summer Melt-Down Festival too - that started today.  So if you're close enough - come on up - support the communities that were so devastated by the March mudslide & enjoy a weekend of fun!

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