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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Farah meets her Sire!

Farah & Ody Meet
With many thanks to Sandy for making the Very Long & traffic filled drive to make this meeting happen!  We were planning for a Sunny day & I was filled with trepidation as the morning dawned yet another with heavy fog.  I'd picked Victoria for the ride - hoping to show off our "views" from the Monument.  The thought of that long drive, then riding in fog...  So I called Butch at his job site in Ballard - the weather word - "fog".  Ugh...  Then I called Linda's - spoke to George - Good News!  Clearing!  Relief!

Sandy called when they cleared Everett & I left home heading to Arlington.  We both arrived at our scheduled meet-up spot within minutes of each other!  Driving right on up to the glass school parking - I got the thrill of watching one gorgeous palomino unload!
Ody surveys his surroundings
Once he was tied to the trailer & while Sandy was busy - I heard noise & looked over to find someone lifting a front leg to paw!  Gee!  Where had I seen that before?  :-)  Then - there were the swirls - lots of swirls - all matching those of his daughter!
The most striking feature - very striking when we admired the two of them together -  the golden eyes!  Like Father, Like Daughter!  Such a deep, striking golden amber & beautiful.  We saddled up & headed out.  Sandy said she rides anywhere from a couple to five hours at a time & after that drive was more than ready to spend a day in the saddle!

Farah & Ody were both very mannerly around each other - Ody exudes a presence & Farah felt it.  Once on the trail though - she was Very Intimidated & heaven forbid if Sandy even considered putting Ody's nose in front of us!  In rare form, she was bucking, tossing her head, threatening him - etc.  All of which he totally Ignored!  :-)

I will Never Again laugh when someone stops me & asks the way to the Monument!  Why you ask?  Because it happened to ME!  :-)  I honestly thought that there was no way I could get lost on those trails - but after taking some turns while we were busy talking - I did!  Linda to the rescue - but I even had her stumped!  No worries - such a beautiful day & all day to ride there was really no wrong way!  Finally - after doing a long, technical trail we came up on a clearing that I didn't recognize.
Unknown clear-cut
I didn't see a trail around it, or though it - but the road - headed the direction I wanted.  It wasn't familiar either?  It was narrow, had a little fresh gravel - but?  Next - we passed a beautiful little cabin!  Now - I knew where we were...  At the Glass School!

Soon, we ran into a couple nice guys.  I apologized & asked for...  yes - that Very Embarrassing Question...  The "way"?  They laughed & guided us to the pond, then explained what gates to use to get out to the trails.  It had been Years since the days we used to occasionally ride through & things had changed!  What a beautiful place - cabins that blend into the landscape, with small neon "address" signs at the doors of each.   Though unplanned - it was a really fun tour!
Art in the Woods~
Going along the road & seeing the view above in the trees was eerily cool!  This got me thinking about something similar I might try in ours!  But finally - finally - we went through a gate & walla!  I KNEW where I was!  :-) 
Ody & Sandy
Though not as clear as it could have been, it was certainly a better view than some I've had up there!  Ody was a little unsure about the Monument - but otherwise was so at home on the trail!  One of those horses who actually looks for a trail & is always ready to take it!   A spectacular mover - gee - where did Farah get that? 
Ody & Sandy admire the views
It was late afternoon by the time we started back to the trailers, not really wanting the day to end.  Farah & Ody by now were getting along well, they'd grazed together at the monument - with absolutely no problems at all.  When we got back, I grazed both of them side by side.

 As little as I sometimes like Facebook - it's ability to network people together who otherwise would have probably never found each other, is yet another reason to maintain an account.
Sandy messaged me when she made it home, almost a 300-mile round trip!  Next time will be our turn to make the drive & see the Green Mountain trails!  I made a wonderful new friend & Farah really seemed to enjoy meeting Ody...   I do think that both of them knew there was a connection?


  1. Fun post! That last picture of Ody and Sandy is really lovely. And his eyes look so much like your mare' eyes.

  2. What a beautiful stud! I love him and I see where Farah gets her good looks ;)

  3. What beautiful scenery. I don't think I have ever seen eyes that color before. Most unusual.


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