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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Fog...

Bracken Ferns in Fog~
I didn't want to saddle up...  Do you hear me say that often?  The fog hasn't let up for four days now.  My ride on Fri. was the last time we saw the sun!  Over the weekend we had a lot of plans - had fun doing them - but it would have been So Much Nicer with sunshine... 
Neighbors Sign~
This ride would have been too!  But I was determined to get out & get out we did.  I finally took a photo of the neighbor's sign above on our way by.  Anything to deter thieves is what I say!  Once we were up on the trails, the views stayed gray~
Up on top, the fog was just a little less~
We did our usual loop, adding in the new trail we'd found last week.  Farah wasn't too inspired, but was happy that we made our stop for her lunch :-)  I'd dressed warm, long sleeves, vest & jacket.  The jacket was off within a mile, too humid.
Farah enjoying the break~
My hands started getting so cold, the slight break in the fog didn't last long & the afternoon was going quick!  By the time we finished the upper section & started back, the fog was thickening up.  When we returned to the power lines, for whatever reason, Farah started threatening to buck.  Dropping her head every third stride - finally she grabbed the bit & tried to take off & buck at the same time!  I managed to pull her up - got off & she took off in a circle around me!  I finally calmed her down, checked her out - nothing wrong...  so started walking!  I walked to the start of our trail home & remounted.  She was fine from there on.  No idea what was up with her - she doesn't often have brain fade.  We'd had one short gallop - which she always likes & I let her have another - she was good the rest of the way.
No mountain today!
It was just before six when we got home & getting dark already.  Very happy that Butch was home to greet us!  When we pulled her saddle, she hadn't even broken a sweat!   At least when it's dark, you can forget the fog!


  1. This chilly, gray, foggy weather seems to make them spunkier than usual, that's for sure! What a friendly sign they posted Lol.

  2. Kinda off the subject:
    Don't know if you knew this, didn't see you refer to it in your blog, but I noticed Farah has what may be "Gulastra Plume" coloring. You would be the only one who could confirm. Her beautiful tail came to my mind when I ran accross this genetic color description.

  3. I have never heard of it, so do not know? Interesting though! Still have not had color genetic testing done on her~


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