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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Sun!

Linda & Count
Linda & I had a ride planned.  When I woke to the fog - I almost wanted to cancel, but within a 30-min. period, the sun started breaking through for the first time in four days!  That gave me all the motivation I needed, so headed north!
"Lake" of fog below us~
I drove through fog, clearing fog, & arrived at Linda's to sunshine!  We couldn't get out on the trails fast enough :-)  The plan ended up being to try to retrace my ride with Sandy - when I got so turned around.   It worked & I finally figured out where I went wrong - as you can see from the photo above - with Linda's guidance we found the clear-cut & even the trail that I thought should be there!  It was, but is pretty overgrown & hard to pick out.  It needs more riding to re-establish.
"Fog Lake" below the Monument too~
By the time we reached the monument, it was actually Warm!  We'd stripped layers & the sunshine felt so darn good!  It was very humid though & I'd worn warm pants.  By mid-afternoon & wasn't feeling too good.  Tried a peanut butter & jelly at lunch - just a small one, that probably contributed to my crash.  Linda was worried whether I'd make the last few miles back.  After laying flat on the ground at the parking area, then eating a cheese stick - I decided to walk a ways, which seemed to get the blood flowing & revive me.
Views clear & crisp~
It was just a stellar afternoon, overdue & deserved.  We only ran into two other riders & one guy on his bike.  The mushrooms were so abundant - we saw so many species, many that I'd never seen before.
One of the prettiest ever!
I need to find out what this one is, but they were growing in several places & looked as though they were trimmed with lace.  It was after 5 p.m. by the time we were back at Linda's.  I ate a yogurt before making the drive home.  It was getting cold by the time we got back, Farah got brushed & blanketed, I made a big mug of hot tea!


  1. oh, the sun through trees picture is glorious, and that mushroom, wow! Some really glorious trails you have too. I really don't think I could live where there is so much fog, though I like to visit! I'm totally spoiled here in this part of CA with almost no fog (though we have the heat, guess it's all a trade off).

  2. Lovely photos--the one of Linda and Count is stunning.

  3. We did a similar ride with lytha (from the horsecrazyamerican blog) today! Sorry you weren't feeling well, though.

  4. Talk about gorgeous lighting in that first shot!

  5. After reading this, I felt like I was there with you!! Looked like a great afternoon and your pictures are great!


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