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Thursday, October 3, 2013

What a Surprise!

Farah enjoys pasture time~
Farah was surprised!  It wasn't raining & we weren't riding!  Again - I'd scheduled a yearly exam months ago & guess what!  A NICE day!  So - if any of you need a certified nice day in the future & are willing to pay enough - I'll schedule an appointment & the weather on that day will be guaranteed nice!
Farah's Registration
Finally!  Getting the document above has taken me two-years!  Farah was supposed to have been registered when I bought her - but no, she wasn't.  Her paperwork had never been transferred from the breeder & there had been two other owners.  That started me on the quest to have her papers correct & get her the actual registration document!
Fresh Brand
As I researched the American Warmblood Society, I found a great looking web site, lots of information & the steps I needed to take to make it a reality.   As a performance horse registry, each horse must first go through an inspection process & be graded before a certificate is issued.
The brand today, under a growing winter coat~
We traveled to Polsbo & Chalice Farms for the last inspection held in WA state in May of this year, where she was inspected & branded.   The brand itself, which looked great & healed perfectly - has now grown in!  Only Farah would grow back chocolate hair over a scar!  :-)  It's not very noticeable, but does look kind of cool when you do recognize it for what it is.  Today's photo also shows the color change that starts to occur with the growth of her winter coat.  Anyway - the gold girl is finally official! 


Always Welcome~