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Monday, October 28, 2013

Riding More~

Remote controlled airplanes in the field~
It seems with days like these, that anyone with a horse would be either riding, or wishing they were!  I'm one of the lucky ones, I rode.   Joyce & I again planned to get out & on the trail to take full advantage of the sunshine & last of the longer days that will soon be shortened not only by the tilt of the earth, but by the time change too.  Since the mornings take longer to warm now, with the sun moving south in the sky - we've been meeting late morning & riding into the early afternoon.  Perfect!
Target & Joyce at the Tin Bridge
 Today we went on the Whitehorse out of Arlington, just incredibly beautiful along the river & Targets first time over the Tin Bridge.  The water was the lowest I can ever remember seeing it~
The Stillaquamish
We caught the scent of rotten Salmon too, but didn't see them.  I'm still not a fan of the galvanized chain link.  Do think that painting it either black or green would be a better option.  Will see what's up with that at the next trail committee meeting.
The east end of the trail for now~
Two gentlemen had just finished flying their electric, remote controlled planes as we rode up.  Really big wing spans & one only weighted 8 oz.  They'd had to quit for the day, due to the breeze that had come up.

It was so beautiful riding with the leaves filling the air in front of us!  In places they were so deep that it was almost like trotting through snow - but the sound & smell was even better!

With all the debate & discussions that occur on our local endurance riders Facebook page, I can't help but wonder what all these people did before the advent of electronic media?  Where do they find the time to ride?  Or are all their horses exercised on hot walkers, going round & round?  No, probably just those of the "semi-pros" with more horses than they can ride.

Regardless, if you want to find out what works for your horse, the best way to do that is to ride the horse!  A horse will tell you when he's fit, when he's sore, even why he's sore if your eyes are open to see & your ears open to listen & your seat able to feel.  I've seen a horse or two lately who look as if their spirit was broken by owners/riders who's ego's seem to supersede the well-being of their horses & all that implies.
Of course age has mellowed me, I see things differently than I did even a few years ago.  Off the soap box now - I guess if there was one piece of advice I'd give to anyone who rides, or wants to ride - it would be to just take the time to listen.  That's always a learning experience in itself & you don't need a computer!  :-)

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