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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A New Path~

A gorgeous little trail~
We were smoked out this morning!  Smoke so thick that I called 911!  I heard the engine come up our road, then about an hour later, the smoke was starting to thin.  I decided to ride out & on my way past Pat's, found where someone was cutting down one of the few stands of nice timber left in our neighborhood.  They'd been burning, or trying to burn a huge pile of slash.  It took a couple hours for the air to clear & the heavy, acrid smoke ruined what would have been a nice morning...
Huckleberry in full color!
It was a meandering kind of afternoon, so Farah & I were looking for anything that looked like a trail & found one!  It gave us a bigger loop at the north end of our range.  It felt like a little present just for us.  We came up onto the gas line & I decided to follow the gravel road north.
Signage at the end of the easement access.
It was too easy to get around this gate & the ATV's have been doing the same.  I was glad that there was no mention of horses :-)  I'd gotten a later start than usual, but it was such a nice afternoon that we took our time heading back.
Sunset & the Olympics
The sun was setting when we left the power lines & it was clear enough to see the Olympics.  It was amazing how the colors had changed just in the week since I'd been up there.  Trees that were in full color were now half devoid of their leaves.  I know there will be more color coming, the Cottonwoods usually put on a beautiful show of yellow & some of our ornamental shrubs will still be turning.

October seems to be going fast & Farah's winter coat is coming in!  I've discovered a little something about how Farah's mind works too.  If there's been a spot on the trail where we've had some sort of issue - like someone wanting to buck at the top of a short steep hill - just for fun... etc.   Or...  if a certain mare has been chastised or had to do it again correctly...  Then, when this particular area comes up, if it's possible to avoid - take a different trail etc., then that's what Farah wants to do!  :-)  Smart huh :-)  Before we know it November will arrive, but the weatherman is insisting that our nice weather will continue into next week!  Still plenty of time to enjoy these incredible fall days!

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