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Friday, October 4, 2013

Back to Kathryn Taylor Park

On the Trails
It had been the end of July since I'd ridden at Kathryn Taylor, my favorite urban riding area.  Once you're in & on the beautifully maintained forested trails - it's easy to forget that you're surrounded with high end homes.
My favorite~
Every time I've ridden past this home, I've wanted to take a photo & today I did!  The color, the style, the landscaping, circular drive - just a beautiful place!  Wouldn't it be fun to see what it looks like inside?  I bet the backyard is something else too!
Lynn & Sophie
Lynn & I finally made connections to Ride!  I'd missed her, but she had some incredible riding experiences of her own while horse camping in ID with a mutual friend.
Overpass under construction
This overpass will be for the traffic from the trails on one side, to the trails at Redmond Ridge - which will make all the traffic on this very busy road happy - along with the trail users who have to wait for the light - then have seconds to cross.  More than one accident has happened here.
Once back on the trails...
It was a stellar day!  Warming to maybe 70 degrees, filtered sunshine in the trees, soft footing!  Such a blessing - I'm so used to the sound of steel shoes on rock...  Not a sound I'm fond of...  We set a really nice pace all day - moving out most of the way.
View toward Seattle & the Olympics
It was late afternoon by the time we returned to the parking area, so we went on up to admire the view from the top.
To thank for this incredible asset, we have the woman above, for whom the park was named.   Someone foresighted enough that when she sold her property, she had this land set aside for an Equestrian Park that would assure a place on the east-side of Lake Washington for horsemen well into the future.   Way back when there must have been some incredible riding in all the wooded hills...
Last two rigs in the parking area
From the top of the hill, we looked down on our trucks.  It was after five p.m. & we didn't want to leave, or quit riding for that matter, even having covered 20-miles!
Ride Route
Amazing day & really the kind of ride that makes you hope for many, many more days like these!

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