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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Capturing Color~

My favorite woods~
Riding out from home is a really good thing!  I never tire of it - because I love to see the changes & there are - every ride.  This day the rain was pretty intense in the morning - but by mid-afternoon the weather cleared, I saddled Farah & we headed out.
Color Highlights
I discovered a Fall Color setting on my smartphone camera & used it on the photo of the Vine Maples below.  They are one of my many favorite fall coloring trees - as they change as the season progresses.  Then - when they start loosing some of the leaves & you can see more of the structure of the limbs - they become almost works of art.
Now This is Color!
It was just beautiful out, hearing the rustle of the leaves on the trail & smelling that Smell!  No way will the net Ever project the incredible smell of Fall!  All the rain had softened the trails a little, we got in some nice stretches of trot.
"Four-mile" Rock
Where this boulder came from I do not know!  By far the biggest I've seen in this entire area...  Maybe it was dug up back when they put in the utility poles?  There aren't any scratches on it from being moved & it actually is almost white in color.  It was nice of the brush cutter to cut the brush from around it as they cleared under the lines & back to an old barbed wire fence.
5:20 p.m.  We head back into the wooded trails on the east side.
It was late in the afternoon when we made the turn for home.  Sun getting lower, quicker on the horizon as the month progresses!   I wanted to get home in time to give Farah a bath  - it had been a while & she needed one!   We put the hustle on & got home - the warm bath happened & Butch arrived just in time to help me put her cooler on.  Amazing days indeed, are these!

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